Yeelight products in Mi Home app in EU

Since the Xiaomi Mi Control Hub is officially avaiable in the EU, are you guys planning to add all Yeelight products which is officially avaiable in EU to the Mi Home app?
(I know that it is not the same company but you are working quite close to each other aren’t you? :slight_smile: )

If so, do you have an ETA?

Thank you!

and how does it look because of the gateway/bridge and all Switches/Sensors will it also integrated in the mi home app for EU? because I ordered a kit yesterday but I just found out that everything does not work because I still want to control it with alexa but there is for EU / Germany no MI Home Skill

According to recent reviews it only supports those smart home devices which are currently avaiable on the EU server in the Mi Home app. So far unfortunatelly it isn’t near as many as on the Chinase server. And the majority of the EU avaiable Yeelight products are not present as well.

I am also with my hands tied because all my switches and sensors work with mi app european server and my yeelights (yldp05yl) are not recognized on that server.

Does yeelight have any switches or remote to control lights, without using the app?

Yeah, I use deconz on a rpi3b+ for local and remote control the Yeelight v2 white version x10, if Yeelight app is not available. I don’t have any switches. I have Raspbee+rpi3b+ running deCONZ/phoscon for controlling my Zigbee devices.

That sloves my problems with different gateways.