Issue with Yeelight smart bulb

I’ve bought three yeeligth smart bulb lamps to make my home better.
I already have in my account Yeelight LED Bulb, Smart Bulb and Bedside lamp.
All works great for me.

But when I’m trying to add new lamps on Mainland China server - Mi Home app doesn’t see them ;(
When I switch it to Singapoore server - all works, I see all three lamps.
Also, I tried to add it from Yeelight app - all works fine.

I want to use lamps on China server, because there are already a lot of other devices, which works only there.

Please, help me to add them or synchronize lamps from Yeelight app to Mi Home app
My Account ID - 1819551811


The bulb is made to sell overseas, Mihome doesn’t support it with Mainland China server. However, you can use Yeelight application to connect it with China server.

Yes, I already added them to Yeelight app on Mainland China server, but on Mi Home I don’t see them.
Also, on Mi Home on Mainland China server there is one lamp such type, so it must support them (it’s working for now, without any problems)

It there any way to synchronize them??

No, this is MiHome’s strategy.

So, what can I do?
I want only set rule to turn on/off lamps depending on information of motion sencor (it’s in China server)

Have no idea now, Mihome is not in Yeelight’s control.