New to Yeelight

Good afternoon.
This Christmas my son gave me 4 pcs of Yeelight Smart LED bulb (Tunable White) as a gift. I managed to set it up and connect it to Google Home. All is working well and I am loving it.
The problem is I am new to Yeelight and do not know how to set default as it is 100% brightness whenever I switch it on.
I am new and hope that the community could help guide me on how to set to default and explain what is ‘scene’ and how to set it. Would appreciate your guidance on the above.
Thank You.

You can set default status from Yeelight application, in control view of the bulb, click right-bottom button, you will see “Default State”.

Scene mean a screenshot of bulbs state you set, for example, you name a scene with “Movie Time”, and set bulb 1 to 20% brightness, bulb 2 with red color, bulb 3 with off. Then when you send command with “Movie Time”, all the bulbs will turn to state you have set. BTW, scene can also be discovered by Google home, so you can say “Ok google, turn on Movie Time”.

Thank You for your tips. Will go home after work to try.
Appreciate it.

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