Yeelight bulb V1 color Problem

I have a serious issue with one of my 3 Yeelights. Every time i turn it off or it turns off based on a routine, it restarts and changes to 100% white light. At first i thought that it might be software but then i went into the “Device info” option and every time this happens, it then shows “uptime 0 minute”. I noticed that it mainly do this when it’s idle for a long time. If i change colors for example and then close it, it stays off but not reset. Any suggestions? I am off warranty.

I would try to use this one by itself,for a day or two and see if the problem persist or not.I mean use only this one and not the other two.

Maybe i didn’t explained it right. All the 3 are working at the same time. Also i tried the faulty one in another plug but it was the same.

I know that they are working at the same time,meaning all 3 are sharing the same wifi.It kind of seem that the lamp loses connection and resets or something,So try to use this one alone without using the rest two and see its behavior.

The bulb hard resets (like turning the switch off and on). Cant be a problem of network. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.