Trouble connecting Yeelight Bulb to Google Wifi


Recently bought a Yeelight Bulb. I am having issues trying to setup the bulb. It turns on and I can see it in the app, just at 99 percent it says connection timed out.

My phone is an LG G3 and it is properly connected to the wifi. I set up a hotspot and had the yeelight successfully connected, but I cant keep a hotspot active all the time. My router is Google Wifi. Any help is appreciated!

Could you have a try with changing your router’s DNS server to instead of using automatically allocation?

It says when it automatic it is set to

Then in custom it asks me to put in 4 things: primary server, secondary server, iPv6 primary server, and iPv6 secondary server. Not sure what to put in those.

You don’t need IPV6… just IPV4 (that is primary and secondary) So you can put internet provider’s as secondary and Google’s as primary…

It says iPv6 primary and secondary server is required if I switch it to custom. I cant leave any blank.

Sorry im not entirely knowledgable about networks :confused:

If the DNS is automatically set to then is there another way to fix?