Light switches that are compatible with yeelight and google home

I’m pretty new to the smart home scene and recently purchased yeelight and google home. I’m wondering if there’s a smart light switch that can interact with google home and yeelight so I don’t have to turn on the switch first before asking google home to activate it or change color.

You need to have Yeelight normal switch on all the time. You can then use Aqara wireless switches instead. I have closed all real switches in my flat and use only wireless switches. You need Xiaomi hub (gateway) in order to use switches. As you can see in the picture, left is wireless Aqara switch and on the right normal switch has been replaced with just a cover.

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How did you made compatibles the aqara wall switch with google home???

Aqara wireless switch is a Zigbee device, it can’t be used with Google Home, but it doesn’t have to be - that is only switch, the lights are Wi-Fi and they are used with Google Home…