Yeelight bulb v3?

Is there going to be a new yeelight bulb (V3) going to be announced, possibly at CES?
To be honest, I just want to know because I’m about to buy 2 v2 colour bulbs but if there’s a V3 round the corner then I will wait. Any news on it?

Never heard about releasing a new generation of bulb soon. But I’m pretty sure that they are working on it. Many manufacturers already have their third generation bulb (Philips, Lifx) so there’s no reason Yeelight won’t follow that path.
It’s up to you if you want to wait for a long time or purchase right now v2 bulb

For v3 bulb, I’m expecting a low power standby consumption (less than 1 watt), homogeneous and accurate vivid colors :slightly_smiling_face:

There is always going to be next generation, so by that logic you would always wait and would not buy anything :slight_smile:

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no way Yeelight is going to have a new rgb bulb before 2020.

New system is coming soon. Not RGB capable I believe…

Another semi-finished product. Thanks Yeelight. That’s all we need.

FIX THE DAMN V2 please first.

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Bluetooth low energy mesh bulb, recessed light and e14 socket candle bulb. That was great if the text was in English

Update for MiHome was just released and Xiaomi AI Alarm Clock was updated to control it through BLE. Will have to order one to try it out.