Alexa Skill for China Server


I’m trying to get a bunch of V2 color bulbs working with Alexa. After searching I found out that I cant use them because they are in the China server. If I switch to the Singapore server, my motion sensors dont work.
I read that there is a new Skill in development but not out yet, but I couldnt find any more information. Is this skill something thats going to come out in the next weeks, months or even later? How close are we to release?
I was going to purchase more lights but will hold off until I can make sure they all work with alexa


Will be support Mainland China server very soon, maybe in a month.


Thanks! I saw there is a beta, can I participate in the Beta please?


I’m waiting also for the new Alexa Skill ? My issue is the same!


How long will we have to wait again?