Homekit Setup Code Incorrect


I’ve got my Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 today, connected through the app however I’m finding it almost impossible to add to Apple Homekit, the device is connected to my 2.4ghz network, Yeelight & Mi application set to Chinese Servers and unsure on what else I can do.

Could you provide your mac address of the lamp?

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Or could you try to manually enter the setup code 11122333? The default setup code is 11122333 and we want to know whether it’s caused by some mis-operation during manufacturing.

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MAC address: 7C:49:EB:5E:25:8F

Using the default setup code you provided let me connect via HomeKit!


OK, that means the randomly generated code was not correctly downloaded to the device during manufacturing, we will investigate more on this.
You could just use the default code for now and we can assure you it won’t cause any issue.

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i have the same issue, but the default code also not work.
The WiFi Mac is 7C:49:EB:5B:DF:F6

i tried so reset the device multiple times, also i tried to add the device with other iOS devices.

so, what can i do to add the device to Homekit?!

Seems there’s some mis-operation during manufacturing, this only happens in the first batch of the product. Please contact your retailer for a replacement.

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can i got the correct setup key with “miio” or some other tool? or over http? the lamp open a web server…

There’s no way to know correct setup key, this is the only way to resolve the issue :sob:

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I’m having the same issue - is it just the wrong setup key on the label, or is there no setup key installed at all? no way to look it up?

Could you please provider mac address of the lamp?

Of course

it’s 40:31:3C:3B:C1:88

It looks like the Jan 2019 batch has issues. I have the same batch posted on another thread.

I have the same problem, it tells me that the code is wrong, is there any way to solve it?

I also have the same problem sad case

I just love this company, it’s a shot on the foot in every product.

Thank you for being so shitty, I had enough and I changed most of my lights to Philips Hue, my Wi-Fi is better than ever and the quality overall is amazing, no cutted corners anywhere.

I seem to have the same issue. December 2018 batch? Is the default code the same for those? Otherwise I’ll have to return it :disappointed:

Hi, same problem. Default code didn’t work, from sticker too.

Help me please! 7C:49:EB:60:50:06

Hi! Same problem here. Bought the lamp today, default code fir Home app doesn’t work.

MAC address: 04cf8c2b4433