Yeelight alexa scene problem

I have a problem with alexa app to communicate with my yeelight. First, it works very well, and whenever i updates my scene in yeelight app, it also discovered in alexa app. But just this morning, the scenes is offline and i clicked the forget all and it all deleted. And then i tried to discover it again, but somehow the scene is not working, it is not discoverable at all and nothing is showing. Is there some problem with singapore server? please do help me…

my yeelight id is 1907845606. in singapore server

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Same problem here, can control individual lights but the scenes control does not work anymore. Tried to delete the scenes from the Alexa app but now it won’t discover them anymore yet indivual control of lights works. Have had this issue for a few days now. Singapore server, Android phone

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Same here. Please fix scenes discovery by Alexa.