Unable to control yeelight from alexa

This 2-3 days i cant control my yeelight from alexa. I’m on mailand china server and was part of the mailand china skill beta tester. It can turn on scene but not controling the devices. I have yeeligjt strip 2 and bedside v2, both cant be control from alexa and it says my alexa skills is not enabled… i tried to disable and enable the skills but still no luck.

Getting similar issues after the latest app and firmware update. Why is this happening? Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Seems like YeelightTesting (beta) skill no longer available.
Regular Yeelight skill can’t control mainland china connected devices.

alexa keeps sayin unresponsive…
yeelignt v2 color x 8
servers tried Germany USA and Russia
ive updated lights to latest firmware

removed all yeelight skills, reloaded yeelight app but still no luck
also find yeelight app slow to respond

if i have one light added it seems to be ok but if i add two or more then i start to have issues with alexa saying unresponsive

yeelight takes awhile to say light is on or off