Cannot see/use Yeelight Bulb in MiHome


I added one Yeelight bulb (YLDP02YL) on my MiHome app, all sounds ok but I don’t see it in the devices list.
So I cannot control or use it.

Strange point is: in the MiHome app going to the upper left corner in Homemanager it says a total of 11devices while in the bottom right in Profile it says 10devices. I have 10devices and the bulb… so it seems it has been here but not visible.
Going to the Yeelight app everything is ok, so it has been added automatically from MiHome.
Current firmware is 1.2.4_0016 Yeelight says it is the latest.
I use Mainland China on both apps.

How to use my bulb in MiHome?
Is this firmware really the latest, if not how to upgrade?


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Please make sure you select Mainland China server in both apps, it should be OK.
And please leave your xiaomi account, we will take a look.

Hi, sure no pb my ID is : 1853453601
Do you need something else?

I see there’s one bulb connected to your account in Mainland China server, please select china server in Mihome and you will see the bulb.

Sorry but I am already using MainLandChina and the bulb is not here: this is my issue
I did try to change to another server and come back to China = same issue.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand. So could you see the bulb in Mihome now? If no, please show me a pic that server you select from mihome.

no I do not see the bulb in MiHome: this is my issue from the beginning (and I use MainLandChina on both apps: see my first message)

Hi, I just make a confirmation with xiaomi that Mijia LED bulb only sells overseas, it don’t support Mainland China server. If you want to use Mihome, you can use other servers except Mainland china server.

So just to be sure

  1. Yeelight bulb (YLDP02YL) = Mijia LED Bulb
  2. And those when sold in Europe (for example) does not work on MiHome with MainLandChina servers.
    Are those 2 points correct?

Hello, just found this thread, im having exactly the same problem with the same bulb, the problem is, i have many devices in Mi Home app that just only works in mainland china, if i change the serve i loose all the other devices … Im disappointed with this as i buy this bulb in Macau, should use same as china … So are you saying that the only way i can use this bulb its with the yeelight app? I can’t use it together with motion sensors etc?
Really too bad, because this is not mentioned anywhere in the box, so i can’t trust any yeelight products, never know in which server will work …

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It is disappointing and confusing!

Most device both from Mi as any spinoff / startup / ecosystem like YeeLight, are purchased by early adopters no matter of geolocation.

Not allowing global support (ie. auto fallback to Chinese servers) is breaking user adoption scenarios for most customers worldwide.

I ended in same situation. The YeeLight ceiling LED light does not work in Mi Home app in Europe. Actually you even cannot add the lights when on European servers.
But trying on Chinese servers this works, but breaks or makes impossible to use other devices.

Should be easy to implement full worldwide support via fallback.

  • customers bond to local server as default
  • customers see devices listed available in local server / market
  • non-supported / international product are listed in separate group
  • when added international product customer is warned it might experience degraded performance, and device is bonded to ie. Chinese servers
  • all works from single account (un-supported devices auto- bond to Chinese servers)

Of course this is primarily responsibility of Mijia / Mi App. But partners like YeeLight would benefit on a long run.

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I have the same issue, v2 color bulb is not available in mi home so i can’t do automations, but the bulb are there somewhere because the mi home counts them as devices and if i configure mi home + yeelight on google home the number of light bulbs will be double when doing voice confirmations.

So when we expect to see the yeelight bulb v2 in mi home EU / Romania. ?

Xiaomi products are crap and support is a disgrace. I’m just glad it’s not too late to change to a decent ecosystem that doesn’t pull this server region limitation nonsense. I’ll just throw these bulbs out.

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