Googe Home - yeelight and mihome service doubled YLXD01YL "320"

I have connected Yeelight and MiHome Service to my Google Home.

I want to the add lights via the Yeelight service (I use several Yeelight from 320mm, 480mm and 660mm)
and my MiRobot via MiHome app.

But the 320 (YLXD01YL) is also added via MiHome so it is available twice in Google Home.
How can I avoid this behavior?

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Same issue here

Rename one?

? It’s pointless … it will change in Xiaomi Home App as well in Yeelight App accordingly!

Useless, the thing is when you add mi home, it had all yeelight device. So if you’ve already sync yeelight to GH, the light will be available twice. So when I ask GH to turn on/off it fail on one of two’s because it’s the same light

Hello guys.

This is not a Yeelight problem, it is a real bad bug form Google.

This issue has been noticed to Google and they have been working on this for almost 3 months.

Please go to this link and let them know that you are having this issue too…


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