Scenes deleted and unable to create new ones

I’m troubled because recently, all the scenes on my app got deleted. Also, whenever I try to use the pre-set scenes to create new ones, the app crashes. Anyone experiencing this as well?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Same problem here


Same here since about 24h… can someone from Xiaomi pls add if profiles will be restored?? Can’t believe we have to recreate scenes from scratch!

Exactly the same as everyone one, Singapore server, very annoying as I can’t control my scenes with Alexa anymore because they all disappeared and I can’t make new ones

Just happened to me now… Is this because of the updates? All scenes gone and google cant connect to yeelight…

Which server do you select from Yeelight application? Android or IOS?

Me too have the same problem here. Singapore server on android.

We are working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Singapore server on Android as well. Thank you.


encounter some issue on AWS Singapore server, working on the fix now.

@dustinshah @star8023hy @Blackmalt

The issue is fixed, have a try. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you so much for your quick action. Everything is back to normal!

Thank you! You had me worried for a bit, I really appreciate the quick fix.

sorry but at least I’m my case the situation is NOT back to normal. Thr scenes came back but the application does not show any of th devices. Also the rooms came back but with zero devices.
am I missing anything?

In my case, to get everything back to speed, I had to unlink and relink my Yeelight app to the Google Home app. Have you tried doing this?

Do take note that you’ll have to rename your lights again if you changed their names.

Android or iOS?

Android. I have unlinked and relinked to Google Home. No luck…

Unfortunately I have the same problem - all of my scenes & rooms have vanished. I tried logging out of the app but no better when I logged back in. In the app the “Account Centre” now has a number - I think it used have a log-name or email, but maybe I remember that incorrectly.

Android / connected to Singapore as I have been from the day I set up my first of several Yeelights. This is extremely frustrating.

EDIT: It’s working again – hope this is a permanent fix.