[Bulb V1 - RGB] Can't save a solid state color

When I try to save the current state to favorites (solid ‘Color’),
it saves it as ‘Flow Mode’. Doesn’t matter what I do, favorites is always saved as ‘Flow Mode’.

After a while, the color of the light bulb changes, which is really really annoying.
How do I disable the Flow Mode and set a solid color

Hardware: Yeelight Bulb V1 - YLDP02YL
Software: 4.4.2_0070
OS: Android

Thank you,

Same thing happens to me.

I can not save a solid color as favorite because it saves a flow. Also I can’t delete those favorites. They just keep piling up. I’m I missing something?

Device: color bulb II
App version: 3.1.87
Firmware Version: 1.4.2_0035
OS: Android