Light strip will not change back to white using google home mini

I can change the color of my yeelight strips using google home but I can not change them back to white using the google home assistant. I have to open the yeelight app and do it manually. This has only been a problem for the last month. I heard that I need to up date he software but it is showing as running the latest version. Please help

The LED strip just can’t be changed into white. Simply not possible due to hardware.

I use to be able to change it back to white with my google home assistant but now I have to log into the yeelight app to turn it back to white

What firmware version of your strip? Please provider your xiaomi account.

Firmware is 3.1.76 I tired to update but it says it’s current. I think my Id number is 1830968743.

Firmware version not app version, you can check it from strip control view.

Where do I find the strip control view?

Yeelight no longer communicates with google home