Google Home Support for United States Server?


I have a few items which should be able to connect with google home. For example the Yeelight Colour bulbs. But when i try to connect it to the google home deviced. It wont let me select some devices which i want in which room. But just skips the step with linking the devices.

Can someone help me out?

Kind Regards,

Did you added the items too the Yeelight app after you connected Yeelight too Google home? If so disconnect Yeelight from Google home and reconnect Yeelight again. This would make your new items show up in Google home.

I am not able to connect it to Google home. The yeelights are connected to the YEelight app but it just wont be able to connect to Google Home sadly

Hi Iddo,

Can you tell me your Xiaomi ID ?

1980768147 it is, i also reinstalled the google home app but did not have any effect.

I also posted that movie on youtube what it does below the soppurt google home alexa topic