Connection problem after firmware 1.4.2_0035

I have two LED Bulb II Colors and recently updated one of them to 1.4.2_0035. After the update I noticed the bulb would turn off automatically after 5-10 min. I tried multiple light settings and it always turned off after some time, so decided to remove the device from my Yeelight app and reconnect it.

Now, even after multiple resets of the bulb it will not connect and gives me an error “Connection timed out. Check current network and scan again”. I have tried connecting the bulb with the bulb and router right next to each other but this makes no difference.

The bulb that was not updated yet is working fine and is not turning off. I am on the Singapore server as this was what was recommended when I started.

Is there a way to roll back the firmware on the broken bulb?

On my experience; You have to reset the Bulb again AND use another phone to link it to the app. For some reason this may work. I had the same issue and solved by using another phone. Make sure you are on the 2.4ghz band.

I had that problem also but for me it was phone related because my phone’s wifi was stuck on the wifi off the lamp, my fix was, turn of the wifi of the phone and reconnect again to you 2.4ghz router band, then reset your lamp and then try again to add your lamp. Hope this helps.