Still 10sec delay with Google Home

Please! I set up my whole new apartment with 20 lights and now the respond time for yeelight with Google home voice commands still needs 10sec?! Please? Any solution?

Hi, please show me your Google account, i invite you enjoy “Yeelight Test” skill.

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my Google account is

Hi, i would also like to be invited to this. I have 9 yeelight lights and two assistants and because i when i come home at night I’m waiting like 15 seconds for my lights to switch on over Google home :confused: please, if possible, invite me on and my ID is 1864681445

Can you add me to the test skill please? Google account: Yeelight id: 1766095351 thanks in advance.

Problem solved. Delay has gone and the bulbs/strip now respond instant!

Thanks for your reply, I really notice the difference now.