Yeelight JIAOYUE 450 with Alexa


i set up my new Jiaoyue 450.
I can control the lamp via the Yeelight App, everything runs smoothly.
I wanted to integrate it into Alexa with the Yeelight skill and have a problem.

TI started the device search in Alexa App, unfortunately only the scenes (created in Yeelight App) were added. I can start a scene via Alexa.
However, the device itself is currently not controllable via Alexa!
It is also not listed under “Devices” in Amazon Alexa.
Obviously the Alexa app didn’t find the device.

Do you have any idea why I can integrate scenes but not the device itself into Alexa?
Thanks and greetings


You need to choose servers other than China mainland.

Hey weiwei,

how can i change the location?

I changed the location to europe. Now My lamp is gone. And i can not add the lamp again, because it is not listed

Turn the power 5 times on and off so it resets, then connect again to German server in Yeelight app.

Yes, you are right. Please use Yeelight application instead.

Nice, it works like a charm now.

Thanks for your Support.