It has stopped working. It doesn't reset, it doesn't do anything


I have been use it from time to time for exactly a year now, and suddenly it has just stopped working.

I was using it normally one day when the next day it just stopped working. It’s not detected on my phone, on my router… anywhere.

Neither I seem to be able to reset it. I’ve followed the instructions: unplugged, hold the button, plug it back, wait until it start flashing in colours… Nothing happen. It never starts flashing in colours no matter how long I hold the button.

Its little led indicator is also off. There is no light coming out of the manual controller.

Is this just dead after a really short live?

Please make sure it has a good power supply.

It has a good power supply. I tested the socket with different devices and I haven’t had an issue with any of them… so that doesn’t seem to be the problem I’m afraid.

You should not hold the button. You should turn the light on, wait 2 seconds then turn off. Repeat this 5 times and it should reset.

You might want to check this tutorial:


Thanks for your suggestion, but I believe you got this wrong. Those instructions are for a bulb, but in my case I’m dealing with the lightstrip (color) with follows these instructions for resetting:

I’m still having the same issues.

Excuse me, the tutorial I’ve sent you was indeed for a bulb. Wait for a staff member to respond.