YEELIGHT RGB BULB V2 Google home connection fails

Hello! When i try to Connect my Yeelight bulbs to google home the accounts wont link together. It is just loading and then the screen disappears and it did not connect. How can I fix this? I am already in the US Region in stead of the German one. Also I have reset the bulbs and my google home and didnt work.

I am using:

  • Google Home Mini Grey (Dutch language)
  • Iphone 8 Plus
  • 2 Yeelight Led Bulbs RGB

What is not deliverd yet and needs to be deliverd:

  • Yeelight ledstrip
  • 2 Xiaomi smart plugs (EU Version)

Can someone help me out with this?

Kind Regards,

Iddo Kuipers

Try to reset the bulb by turning the power on and off for 5 times. This way the bulb resets itself.

Check this short tutorial about how to reset the Yeelight Bulb.

If you need some more help in Dutch, feel free to send me a message.

MI ID: 1890768147

What can I do with your ID…?

Please only send your Xiaomi Account ID to staff on this forum. Staff have the “Staff” mark next to their username. Staff can then find your account via the ID and fix any problems, push software updates to fix your device etc.