Can't Add Color Bulb in APP Successfully


I have a Yeelight Color Bulb (YLDP02L) and use IPhone7 to connect color bulb to router(D-Link DIR-605L).

I tried many times but still can’t add bulb successfully. I always do reset process(5x Power on/off) before installing for every time.

Below is my procedure and the bottleneck happens in step-3.

1.Select my SSID of my WIFI router and enter password (successfully)

2.Go to WiFi list of Iphone and select “yeelight” to connect (successfully)

  1. Go back to “Yeelight APP” to add the color bulb. But this progress always stay at 25% and then time
    out. When this issue happens, you can see the “yeelight” disappears in WiFi list of Iphone.

Please comment it. Thanks

I don’t know about iPhone but I never had to go to wifi list and connect to Yeelight wifi on the bulb… it did all that automatically. I just select my wifi, enter my wifi password and it does it all.

Do you have unusual wifi access point name? try not to have special characters and spaces? Also with the password. Use only lower and upper case characters and numbers.

Hi Dalanik:

Thanks for reply.

My access point name is “89S6H3F” and I think no any unusual characters.

Do you think other possibility in my case?


Please double check if the bulb has connected to your router.