Yeelight Tunable white not connecting to wifi

hi, I have just bought two yeelight tunable white lights. They are not connecting to the wifi. I have reset them multiple times, they always go to 50% while connecting on the app and say connection failed. I have even tried to sync them right next to the router. Please help!

Could you see the WiFi bulb in your router’s DHCP client list? Also, you may find another phone and start a hotspot and try the connection.

I am not sure what the DHCP client list is. could you please explain?

Have you ever login the web based router management console? There is something like client list that show all the devices connected to the router.

I have not done this before. are you able to guide me how to do this?

actually, i can see the lights on the connected devices on my network when i went to to web based control center

what do i do next?

Could you try to setup a hotspot with your mobile phone and connect the bulb to that hotspot with another phone?

In case that works, how do I connect to the wifi network?

We need to narrow down the root cause. If it works with hotspot, try to set default DNS to on your router.

The Hotspot didn’t work either.