My bulbs have old firmware 1.4.2_0035

I have Read that there is newer firmware available. My Yeelight app says that my 6 bulbs have the lastest firmware.

I am in USA server now. I Was on Singapur before.

How can I update them to the new firmware?

My ID is 1863166282

Thank you!

The latest firmware only published on Mainland China server and German server. QA team need to verify the firmware on each server before release. Stay tuned.

I have tried in China Mainland server just 3 hours ago but my Led Bulb II Color stay on firmware 1.4.2_0035 that seems lastest.

I have the same firmware also,and ive seen others that are on firmware 0070…What can we do to fix it please?V2 Red and blue colors are very pale in comparison with V1…I wanted to try the latest firmware to see if it has been fixed.

I have 2 v2 color bulbs and they are both on 1.4.2_0030 I am on the main land China servers, can you maybe have a look why I don’t have any updates? Id 1766095351 thank you in advance.

I am on the german server…but i have no firmware update.