Lost Yeelights on Alexa and Google Home after installing MI Home

I had RGBW lights linked to Google and Alexa. The scenes of the the Yeelight app where also available at Google Home. After installing MI Home app and linked accounts, communications between Google home and Yeelights and scenes are lost. Google assistants says “unable to find hue lights”.
I’ve added MI Home to google Home, now: lights are not shown on Mi Home app, Google Home recognizes the lights but not the scenes I had. Alexa doesn’t find any
mi account 1840861897
I’d like to be able to have the yeelight scenes please and link to Alexa too

  1. Please make sure you have selected same server and login with same account in Mi Home app and Yeelight app. Both apps connected to same cloud service base on same database, there is no reason showing different data.

  2. Google Home and Alexa service was affected by some server-side issues recently, we are still working on it and will keep everyone updated in this forum. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.