I'm confused - any help?

hello. I’m very confused. can anyone help me please? I need Yeelight (the new version!) in about 5-6 metres which products (item numbers) I have buy please?

at gearbest somebody asked:

Question: Is this compatible with Yeelight YLDD04YL 2m LED Smart Strip Light?
Answer: Hello Niladri, Thank you for your inquiry. No,it is not compatible with Yeelight YLDD04YL 2m LED Smart Strip Light.

and later somebody else asked:

Question: Is it compatible with Model: YLDD01YL?
Answer: Hello SUNGHOON, No, it works with only YLDD04YL. Let me know if you need any help.

so I’m not really sure which part numbers I have to buy?

First you always need the basic 2m long with AC adapter (YLDD04YL). ANY extension you make by adding 1m extension strip YLOT01YL. So if you need 5 meters you need buy 1x 2m base + 3x 1m extension. Maximum possible total lenght is 10m, which is 1 base + 8 extensions. You can not plug 2 bases together.

YLDD01YL is old version of YLDD04YL.
Answers on gearbest are sometimes misleading.