Aqara Wall Switch (physical) with Yeelight Strip Compatiblity


I’ve seen a lot of people use the RGB LED lightstrips on the ceilings.

Below is the use case I would like to have:

-install lightstrip without the power adaptor provided (is it possible?)
-connect the power supply via physical wall switch - Aqara Wall Switch
-one tap on the wall switch to turn on / off the strips
-whenever turn on/off, the strips would turn on from the last LED color setting

Reason I ask above is because I plugged the strip’s provided power adaptor into a power bar, then flicking on/off the power bar does not automatically turn the strips on. Instead, I need to press the power button on the strip.

Please assist! Thank you all.

@raybolic if you want your light to turn on when you flicking the switch, you need to set default state to “auto on upon power resumption” by go to you yeelight app, click your lights on the app, on the bottom right corner you can see a triangle and underline symbol, click that and choose default state, then “auto on upon power resumption”. this should automatically turn on your yeelight whenever power is on.

Thanks, I got it working like above. But it’s quite buggy in below scenario:

Wall power switch is on
Lightstrip is on
Via wireless switch or mobile, turn lightstrip off
Turn wall power switch off
Turn wall power switch on

In above scenario, the light will never turn back on. I would need to use mobile or the wireless switch to turn on while wall switch is on. Not a show stopper but not too user friendly.

Another question… Is it possible to not use the power adaptor, and find electrician to wire it? This is mainly for aesthetics.

For this one maybe you need to ask the yeelight staf to develop this feature… now they can only turn back on the light if previously the light is turn on…aybe they need to put a feature where light will always turn on when power come in…

I believe you will void your waranty if you modify your adaptor and directly wired the cable to power source…