Yeelight question LAN, control using ESP8266

Hello there,

I’m looking for a long time for a WIFI bulb that I can use in my ceiling light, now this one looks very promising but I have a question which I’m not very sure about:

  • If I buy this Yeelight lamp I can enable through the app ‘enable LAN’ this is some kind of developer mode, will I be able to control this light through my ESP8266 microcontroller? That sends like POST commands to the local IP (not sure if I described this correctly). If this is possible does anyone have a video/tutorial/blog?

  • Is it also possible to control multiple (hopefully 3) Yeelights all apart from each other using the ESP8266?

  • Will I be able to control it using Google Assistant (over LAN using some kind of applet/service?)

This lamp looks so promising with its supported LAN mode, this way you don’t have to flash your own software to it like ‘ESPEasy’ or whatever.

Looking forward to an answer with some more info!

Thanks in advance!