Amazon Alexa Skill for MEXICO

Hello. Amazon Alexa devices were launched today in México. I have 10 color bulbs.

The yeelight Skill Is NOT found or available Yet.

Any news about this?

Thank You!


There need time for us to deploy new skill in Mexico. Stay tuned. Thanks!

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Is the Alexa skill will be available for Mexico at any moment?

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Many months and still no skill available for Mexico. Now we have 4 xiomi stores and more are being opened. When are you going to take care of the bigger Latin market?

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Any answers?



I recently bought 3 color lamps. As the other user said, I can’t use them with my Amazon Echo Device since i can’t find the yeelight nor mi home skill in Amazon Mexico Skills. Could anyone provide information about the develop or the release of the skill to Mexico?

Te respondo yo. Olvídalo! Al parecer el equipo de desarrollo y los que contestaban en este foro ya no trabajan aquí. Tienen meses que no responden. Sí puedes devuelve los y compra en Amazon USA con envío a México, los LOHAS. Iluminan igual, 810 lumenes, funcionan perfecto con Alexa que ya tiene la skill en México y responden mucho más rápido. Si te interesa busca mi canal en Youtube que se llama Vivir Digital. Ahí voy a subir la revisión de los LOHAS la próxima semana.

I’m still waiting for Alexa skill in Mexico.


None yet…