Yeelight Bulb and Strip can not turn to White after a Software Update


After a software update in the Yeelight App i can not turn the bulb or the strip to white color :thinking:


what’s the product model and firmware version?


Color LED Bulb v2 Version 1.4.2_0033
Light Strip LED Version1.4.2_0049
Color LED Bulb v1 Version 1.4.2_0068


Then android or iOS?




After a next software update for the Color Bulbs V1 V2 can I turn they to white color but not the light strips. I thing they need always a update to correct the problem


Please provider your xiaomi account, I will add you into whitelist to update firmware to resolve the issue.


Mi ID Yeelight App on IOS: 1830053005 and for all Yeelight Bulbs I get an update, which fixed the problem. But only for the Bulbs!


I have added you into white list, latest version of strip is 1.4.2_0050.


Thank you I hope the Problem will be fixed!


Hi, my Yealight strip plus doesn´t have white color tab only color. Could you add me too please?
MI ID: 1898259175 I am on android.
Thank you.