Light Strip no schedule

Hi Guys,
i’m in trouble with my lightstrip that i bought 3 days ago.
I’ve set a schedule to start with sunrise mode at 6:45 in the morning on weekdays but it don’t do anything.

Is this a problem with winter time?

Can you help?

No sure about that, could you please change the schedule type to Everyday and try again?

I will try later today and will tell you if this fix. I don’t want to be waked up so early in weekend :smiley:
Thank you

Ohh…I see. I thought it was weekend. Sunrise scene will start with very low brightness, is that possible that you didn’t realize it was actually working? Why don’t you setup a new schedule with Flash Notify, maybe one minute later, and check it out?

No, definitly not. I’ve set the preset to start at the same hour of the alarm on my phone.
Also this morning it did not start… :frowning: