Yeelight 2 (color) lifetime

Hey there.
I have a question regarding the lifetime of yeelight color.
I have noticed that, in the device info tab, the app shows the lifetime in hours… But the counter includes the house while the device is turned off…

Why is that?
I own the lamp since 3 days and I have already 90+ lifetime hours.

So when you use your yeelight is it necessary to keep the light switch in the ON position allt the time?

Lifetime means online time of chip module in the lamp.

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Lifetime as indicated in the mobile app doesn’t mean led lamp remaining lifetime?

We counter lifetime of wifi module instead of led, even if you turn off the lamp, you can also control it with application.

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That lifetime is time that lamp keep online, not used to estimate remaining lifetime for LED module. Thanks!

I see.
So are you telling me that I can control the lamp even with the switch in off position?
I can’t do that. When I turn off the switch lamp appears offline and I can’t control it by the app.

But I’ve noticed that when I turn the switch off, the lifetime counter restarts to 0.

Is this normal?

No, if you turn off lamp by switch, the lamp will go to offline, then it can’t be controlled and lifetime will reset to 0.

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Thanks for answering my questions. But I’m worried about the correct use of yeelight.
Is yeelight designed to be all the time online or should I turn the switch lamp off to protect the WiFi module?

You can use it as traditional lamp (turn off with wall switch) or a smart one (turn off with app). Don’t worry about that.

@coasterli the misunderstanding here is the use of the word lifetime. Lifetime means in total, how long the device either has been used or has left.

The word you are looking for is “uptime”. This tells you how long the current session has been active for. If you were to change the word in the app, I doubt there would be this confusion.

Thanks for correcting. Will do