When add yeelight in europe server on Mi home ?


I’m french, and i have 2 yeelight in germany server on yeelight but isn’t possible to add yeelight in europe server to mi home (not available… In mi home Europe server)

I’m having the same problem, i can add the light in the yeelight app in the germany server but i can´t see it in the mi home app in the europe server, although if i go to the home settings shows that i have 1 conected device.

@Kwetnico @srfteixeira

Cause the product doesn’t sail officially in Europe server, mihome can’t support it with Germany server.

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@dingyichen Ok thanks but will in the future be supported in the Europe server even if the product don’t be sold in Europe since is the same server?


I bought yldp05yl white bulb. It is officialy sold in Europe (box with the CE markings), but it is not recognized on the MI app with the German server.
Any idea on how can we deal with this servers issue from Xiaomi?

Does anybody solved this issue ? I can’t do automations in yeelight app based on sensors, only mi home.