Yeelight YLXD09YL won't work

So I’ve gotten myself the light mentioned above. Installed it on my ceiling, turned the lights on, everything was wonderful. After a while, it turns off. So far, so good, it’s motion activated, nothing to worry about. However, me moving around the sensor does nothing. So I turn the light switch off and on again. Nothing but the slightest flicker of dim light, lamp stays dark. I think to myself it must be that I need the app, even though it’s not smart, so it shouldn’t. Download it, install it, try to pair with Bluetooth, searches endlessly. I let the phone rest close to it for a while, come back and see that now it asks me to connect with it after installing it (no idea if that’s the same process as before). Well, it is, so I click connect, and it doesn’t find a thing. Maybe I have to reset it. I do the on-off thing (even though the light only turns on once after having been turned off for a minute or more, not after 2 seconds), still nothing, it doesn’t do the “waking up” or flickering it’s supposed to do either. So now I’m lost. Can’t find a manual anywhere, can’t find anyone mentioning similar issues and how to fix it, nothing.

Sorry for the long text, hoping someone here knows where I’ve been an idiot.

Edit: Found it. The light from other rooms is apparently too bright, it won’t work without them being turned off. I don’t suppose there’s a way to reduce the light sensitivity, is there?

I am afraid not. The sensor sensitivity is immutable.