Cannot connect yeelight strip to IFTTT


I cannot connect yeeligth strip to IFTTT. I tried to connect by singapore server (or other server), connect and disconnect yeelight in IFTTT many times but IFTTT show options unavailable.

Please help.


We changed the IFTTT actions yesterday,maybe it cause your unavailable.
Could you try again now?


No luck for me. IFTTT still show “options unavailable”. My account id is 1873019306, can you check for the problem?


Try to logout from ifttt and relogin. Or also relogin the yeelight actions in ifttt.


I connected my Yeelight Plus succesfully via the Yeelight App. But I don’t see the Yeelight Plus ledstrip via IFTTT. I logged in twice, but I don’t see it :(. So I can’t select it because it’s not listed.


Sorry, we hadn’t add the IFTTT config to support Yeelight Plus ledstrip now.
Will add it right now.


Had supported, please try again.


Yeah, it’s work!!! Thank you for your support :slight_smile:


Can’t connect yeelight light strip to google home or ifttt, ifttt says options unavailable and I am connected to us server. Please help, I had it working once, I move the lights to another room and now it won’t connect to either. Id is 1878280556