Alexa can’t discover Yeelight Lightstrip Plus

Hi, I have trouble with my alexa recognizing my lightstrip plus. I’m using mainland china server. I heard alexa can’t support mainland server, but alexa was able to discover my bedside lamp v2(wifi version). I also read in another topic that there is beta version that allow alexa to connect with mainland server? Possible to add me on the beta testing? My ID is 1866782913

Another trouble i have is connection to the mainland server give slower response, my alexa will says my beside lamp is not responding but few second after it will turn on the light. I use singapore server before and dont have this issue, but i got no choice to use mainland server because lightstrip plus is not available in singapore server… please help me for this issue… thanks

The online skill does not support China server and beta skill does support.

is it possible for me to get the beta skills?

@luhaobo ?? what should i do to get beta skills?