Bought some aqara wall switches... which gateway?

Anyone know which gateway I need to make my aqara light switches work with my yeelight bulbs? Wife is not happy having to always yell at Alexa to turn on the lights.

You need gateway v2, not the new Aqara gateway, that one is pretty new and not compatible with MiHome yet and works only with Aqara devices.

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I can’t seem to find that online for sale anywhere. Only this.

Is that what I am needing?

No, that is the Aqara one, way to expensive btw.

Here is the one you need:

or on Gearbest:

If you check the Aqara’s official website, you may find that Aqara Gateway is going to work with MiHome. It’s estimated to be available on 25 November. That means you can use Mi Home to control some HomeKit-enabled devices!

Hello @musiclover7, do you manage to get the right gateway? I have the Aqara hub but it’s not compatible with the google home. I’m considering buying the xiaomi v2 to replace.