Local sync problems

Model: YLXD01YL and YLXD02YL
App Version: 3.1.73
Server used: German
MI ID: 1875996697

Hi guys, I find it strange that there’s no App category, although the ratings are so low. And my topic will be about the app so just wondering why. Just installed two ceiling lights. I had only problems connecting the YLXD01YL model, but after 5 resets it was successful.

  1. So my problem is that the app doesn’t synchronize buttons with the same action most of the time. For example there’s a lot of ways to turn the lamps on or off and if I only use the device tab everything is working. But if I start to make use of the scene and room tabs, everything gets desynchronized.

  2. I also don’t understand how the recommended presets work. If I choose Sunrise and go to Night Mode and back to Sunrise, the lamp is staying very dark as if it still was in Night Mode. I would even say, everytime I change the preset, it delivers completely different result. As if some settings are ignored by some of the presets and are mixing together.

I will take a look at the issue, for now please enable “Local control” and have a try.

Sunrise is used to simulate light of sunrise, the lamp will brighten slowly in about 30 mins. And it will ignore current mode, such as day/night mode.

Oh now I understand, it is just bit confusing. Sometimes it was just going directly to the end of the animation, so it was bright from the start. So if I want the effect I need to turn the lamp way down, what is kinda strange. Should it not just always start from 0 when I click on Sunrise?

So where do I do that? I only see “LAN Control”, but I never activated it.

Yes, it’s Lan control. You can enable it and if your phone is the same network with your lamp, response will be more fast.