Mi Home/Yeelight RGB Scheduling issue

Lately, my yeelight RGB light bulb hasn’t been properly working to its schedule. Here’s what the current schedule settings look like in Mi Home app.

Why is the arrow there? It seems like only the schedule above the arrow works. When I turn it on in the Mi home, it gets turned on in the yeelight app and vice versa. However the 3 scheduling options below the arrow don’t seem to sync in the same way. In fact I can’t even click them in the Mi Home app

Similarly, when turning the schedules on or off in the Yeelight app, only one of them (above the arrow in Mi Home app) gets updated in the Mi Home app. Strangely though I am able to change the “times” (not turn on/off) of all schedules in the Yeelight app, and this is reflected in the Mi Home app.

This only happened recently. It was fine some time in the past week.

Please help!


Please provider your xiaomi account, we will ask MiHome to take a look at the issue.