Update third party documentation

I ran into an issue with my second gen white bulb, the model reported is “ct_bulb” but in the documentation (Yeelight_Inter-Operation_Spec.pdf) I only see the following:

“MODEL”: The product model of a Yeelight smart device. Current it can be “mono”,
“color”, “stripe”, “ceiling”, “bslamp”. For “mono”, it represents device that only supports
brightness adjustment. For “color”, it represents device that support both color and color
temperature adjustment. “Stripe” stands for Yeelight smart LED stripe. “Ceiling” stands
for Yeelight Ceiling Light. More values may be added in future.

It should either be “mono” or the documentation should be updated to include the second gen.

Btw, another question I have: does “celiling” support brightness control? I want to support it but I didn’t find much info about it.

Thanks in advance!

You could just ignore the model, the capability of the lights is listed in “SUPPORT” header.

Thanks for your suggestion, but if I want to display the bulb model in my app and make it look better (like mono = LED BUlb (White) and so on) I have to use the model header