Lights keep disconnecting

I have three lightstrips in my house. One I have had for about 8 months and it has worked all of this time without an issue. When I added the two additional ones, I now have one or two light strips that go offline every day or so. It is random for when it does this, sometimes it is two of them and sometimes it is only one. I don’t believe it is my wifi as I have other equipment on the networks and nothing else has any issues. The two light strips that have issues are actually in the same room as the access point. In fact the light strip furthest away has no issues at all and the one closest to the wifi has the most issues. I have tried removing and adding the light strips back onto the account and that has not helped anything Anyone have any suggestions or ideas to try and keep these from going off line?

Please have a check if the lightstrip is shown in DHCP list when it is offline.

Hi, please provide more information:

  1. the firmware version of the three strips.
  2. the brand/model info of the wifi router
  3. numbers of devices that are always/occasionally attached to the wifi 2.4g access point


The Access point is a Ubiquiti pro and the Router is a netgear AC1200 - the wifi is turned off on the router and wifi is only ran through the access point. The access point is in the center of the house and has much better coverage then the routers access point had which is why I switchd to a seperate access point

There are 20 wifi devices on average on the network. 15 are 2.4hz and 5 are 5gh
I can see all three of the light strips on the router and the access point. When a light strip goes off line it will still show on the access point but will drop it’s ip address. The only way to get it back online is to unplug and replug in the light strip. If I try reconeecting the light strip through the access point it will not reconnect it.

All three of the light strips have DHCP reservations on the router. All three are also on firmware 1.2.2_0044which says it is the current version


Anyone have any ideas?