Save scene failed germany server

I have yeelight colour set up on germany server. Working ok via app. Google home and ifttt BUT app wont let me save customised scenes. I can create and preview scenes but get error message when I try and save. Is this an issue with germany server or something else I need to do ?

Please provide your Xiaomi ID and we will take a look.


Which version of Yeelight application do you use?

3.1.62 This is latest version on play store.


We have received some feedback about this issue, but unfortunately we can’t reproduce it in our lab.

Version 3.1.69 has been released via internal testing channel to debug this issue, appreciate if you could help to reproduce it.

Let me know.

Happy to try. How do I get hold of 3.1.69

Please pm me your google account. I will add you into internal testing channel. BTW, it’s 3.1.70 now.

Have dm my email address

Which Android version do you have with your phone?

We have found the root cause. It will happen on Android version below lollipop, TSL protocol version issue.

The issue has been fixed, please have a try again.

Still have the same error message when trying to add scene - ‘Saving failed, please check your network and retry’.

On v.70 error becomes ‘’

Sorry for the inconvenience, a new version v71 with the fix is available from beta test, please have a try.

Looks good. Seems to be working OK on V72. Many thanks for your support.