RGB Bulb V2 added on Mi Home doesn't get discovered on Alexa

Exactly like the title says V2 RGB bulb doesnt get discovered by Alexa via Mi home skill. Mi home is set to mainland china. My RGB bulb V1 works perfectly fine but not the V2s. Hope there is a solution.

Any update?

Mihome skill is not in Yeelight control, we will pass the issue to Xiaomi. Or you can connect the device to other servers except Mainland china server and choose Yeelight skill in Alexa.

Are there any wall switches that can be used with Yellight bulbs and work on a server to support Alexa as well? Cause at this point only V1 rgb bulb can do alexa + aqara switches on mainland

On which servers are the V2 RGB servers supported with Mi Home? Cause as far as I see in the Mi home app it only shows the V1 bulbs.

If you can see v2 bulbs from page of add devices in Mihome, then the server supports this devices, otherwise it doesn’t.

Guys i need hel. I just bought my alexa echo and everything works exept yeelight bulb. She can’t discovered it. Yeah i am connected to the singapure server and i have enabled yeelight skills but she just can’t find it. Sooo what should i do? I have read that conversation but still i have no clue what to do.
Please help