Yeelight question

I just installed 6 Yeelight ceiling light in my room. I have few question:

  • I programmed all lights to one remote. Sometimes when I switch between color temperatures, 1-2 light miss the command and they are not lighting at same color temperature. If I’m still trying to change color temperature that 1-2 light which missed the command, is still behind the other lights.

It would be great to have a “sync” (soft reset) feature on the remote control, so when I press that button, all lights should be switched to the same/default color temperature.

  • My second question is, Yeelight app. I really like the basic color temperature profiles on the remote control (Totally 4 steps, 2700k, 4000k, 5200k and 6500k.), but these are missing from the Yeelight app. There are various themes in the app (Sunrise, Sunset, etc.), but none of them default like what I can set on remote control.

  • Can we wait a HomeKit compatibility?

To the first question: only one light is out of the sync. Maybe I messed up something at the pairing? How do I resynchronize this one light to have same color temperature as others?

emm… color temperature out of sync… how about long press the CT button? It should turn all the lights to min/max CT (I’m not quite sure now).

Regarding homekit, no, currently we don’t have plan to support it on ceiling lights. You could use Homebridge + Homebridge-yeelight plugin to have this function.