Easy way to schedule an OFF state?


I was looking for an easy way to schedule my light to turn OFF at a specific time that I can schedule. Like everyday turn my lamp OFF at 01h00 what ever state the light is.
The only way I found is to program a personalisation that state to turn OFF after execution then I have to program at least an action, like a pause.
But if the light is allready off, then it turn ON to turn OFF after the action.

How can I schedule a turn OFF action?

Please use Yeelight application, there is a feature of “Schedule” in control view. which you can program your ON and OFF action. Have a try.

Hi. I can’t find what you say. I have no option to schedule an off state within the app.! My app version is 3.1.62 and I’m using the US server
The only option in the “start scene” is to turn on with a state or a scene. No off option.

I just over look the page of Schedule, “End Time” is OFF action time. Seems there’s misunderstand of the translation, we will make changes to “Time to turn off”.

I’ll try that, thanks for your quick response