The lamp seems unresponsive.

The lamp just wont power on. I checked the power cable but still cannot on. I hold the reset hole but still cannot on. I just bought this 3 days ago. Any advice ?

Could you try with another power cable? If it’s the same, please contact your retailer for a replacement, maybe it’s a hardware issue.

How can i get another power cable ?

Try with another socket?

Alr did that
I think ill contact my retailer. Thanks

Same problem here.

I bought it today, after power on two times, i tried to connect with the mobile aplication, it didnt work, but once i turn off the lamp, im not able to power on the lamp again :frowning:

Any advise or hard reset? the reset hole its not doing anything since i can power on the lamp.

what product are your referring to?

Im referring to Xiaomi Mijia LED desk lamp

Could you make sure the cable is well connected? If possible, please provide a video.

Of course, i checked the cable first thing and tried in different plugs.

You can check it here:

Any ideas of things i could try?

Looks like a hardware issue, please try to contact your retailer and replace one.

Same issue here, just came from Walmart and it won’t turn on at all…