mi led ceiling lamp

Hi folks,

when adding a device in yeelight app, one of the lamps is a “Mi LED Ceiling Light” (“Mi LED Deckenleuchte” in German). Where can i find more information regarding that lamp and where to buy it?


Schau mal bei gearbest da gibt’s verschiedene Ausführungen. z.B


thanks for responding!

if i get things right the product you linked is referred to as “LED Ceiling Light Moon” (“LED Deckenleuchte Moon” in german) in the app (i’m quite sure i’m right as i already have installed two of the moons).

Is there any kind of compatibility sheet which products are compatible with yeelight app (and more important for me support yeelight api)? Right now it’s quite confusing, as some of the Mijia branded lamps are supported, and some are not.

As I know from a yeelight staff, Every light wich is wifi enabled has the same api

Devices based on Wi-Fi that made by Yeelight has the same api.

Do you mean this product “https://www.gearbest.com/flush-ceiling-lights/pp_009592108020.html?wid=1451237”? It is made by Yeelight.

Hi @dingyichen, the lamp you mentioned is exactly the one i’m referring to.
Already ordered - thanks!