v 3.1.62

Today I can not save the setting with frames.
A message appears - failed to save, check the network and try again later.
The network is fine - other applications work with the network and I can control the bulbs.

Which server do you select? How about now?

German server. Updated to 3.1.62. Problem still exists.
Also, the color bookmark is not saved - the save error is written.

ABOUT! the color from the photo can be selected, but it causes me to frame it on the road … is not it superfluous? And sometimes the cropped photo is saved in the folder on the phone, why?

Could you get list of rooms or customization light? Please leave your xiaomi account.

My Account 1582012427.
The difficulty of translation … what does it mean to get a list of rooms or a lamp setting?

Can you retrieve and edit your rooms and scenes?

Ah, I get it. I can edit the room, I can edit and add a new one. I can not edit and save the template and scene. Also, you can not edit the existing scenes.

I reset the program settings by deleting the cache and data in the android settings. I switched to the Chinese server. The bulbs were updated 1.4.2-0030. Version of the application 3.1.62. I still can not save the “customization”, I can not save the “scene”, I can not save the “favorites”. Recommended section is blank. (

Hi, please have a try if you can access to the following link:

I can follow the links …
I switched to the Singapore server - the same thing. When creating “costumization” you can apply it to a light bulb, but you can not save it.
In these links, what you gave I found a link to the data that is stored on the servers. (From this page there is no access to the Russian server.) All data is empty, only in Singapore there is information about the “scenes”. Although they were kept as “favorites” on the phone. It’s strange. Connection through the VPN does not change anything.

I think it would be cool to be able to edit “costumization” from a web page.

We don’t see any log about the issue, could you help confirm where is the issue:

  1. Could you change language to English and have a ty?
  2. Could you please use this account and have a try? account: lixin@yeelink.net , Password: yeelink1234

I switched to English. I reinstalled the application, rebooted the phone. Log in under the login you suggested. Nothing has changed (
A video that demonstrates this:


In our country, the government is trying to block the messenger Telegram. At the same time, a huge number of third-party addresses are blocked, sometimes the services of the Google service stop working. And the messenger continues to work fine (as it looks funny). Maybe something gets blocked?

We will add new toast message to show more details about the error. Stay tuned.