Ceiling light not found by Mi Home app, only Yeelight app

Today I have installed my new Xiaomi Yeelight JIAOYUE 480 ceiling light. I tried to add it to my Mi Home account (app), but it could not be found. On the other hand, the Yeelight app finds it immediately. I resetted it multiple times but no success. Only once, in the very beginning, it was identified by the Mi Home app, but the network connection failed. After that, it has not been discovered again by Mi Home.

Now, why do I care that much about Mi Home when I could use the Yeelight app instead? Well, I already have some other Yeelight ceiling lights installed and added to the Mi Home app, including a Xiaomi Temperature/Humidity sensor which can`t be added to the Yeelight app (at least I doubt it). And I do not find it very comfortable to use two different apps for ceiling lamps of the same kind.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

There’s are some products made by Yeelight can’t be added in Mihome if you don’t select “Mainland China” server. Please have a try with “Mainland China” server in your Mihome application.

The other ceiling lights that are already in the Mihome app will work only with the Singapore server. Kinda odd (and annoying) that there are such differences in between the same product group.